How Buzz Can Help You

We have a stinger-sharp focus on our marketing services. We do what we’re good at – sending our clients, customers – and do it better than anyone else.

This gives us the confidence to offer our a money-back guarantee.

Our typical services drive 200 – 400% ROI. Anything less, does not justify an invoice in our opinion. Without getting more back than you put in, what’s the point?

Read more about our specialized Services below, then Contact Us today to find out how quickly we can Buzz your business to new levels!

Core Services

Local Lead Generation

Want more customer leads & foot-traffic quickly? We will make your phone BUZZ until it runs outta batteries. Within a matter of days.

How? By combining our beautiful landing pages with laser-focused targeting using Facebook demographics.

Our local lead generation is simple. We produce leads, or we work for free. And because our time is extremely valuable, we tend to get the job done.

We work with each business to ID the most valuable customer targets, then develop a custom campaign to promote their product or service.

Most clients experience 200% – 400% ROI. For example, if a lead is worth $100 to your business, our rate is $50 per QUALIFIED lead.

Trading $1 for $2 is a pretty good business model, especially with a guarantee.

YouTube Rankings

Can you afford to be invisible in the 2nd most popular search engine – YouTube?

Buzz understands how to highly rank your videos in YouTube, QUICKLY, for the most valuable search terms in your industry. 

We also build effective client videos, with ‘Calls-To-Action’ that actually convert. into. leads.


Are you mobile-friendly? What you don’t know, IS hurting you. Check your site right here, right now.

This isn’t only an issue with your mobile customers not finding you TODAY – a HUGE deal itself; but you’re also losing position in Google, affecting TOMORROW’S business as well.

DID YOU KNOW: Google penalizes non-mobile-friendly sites?

Buzz can make your website mobile-friendly, overnight.

Our website conversion design service is quick, elegant, and cost-efficient.

Google Maps / SEO

Searched for your most valuable keywords in Google lately? Are YOU listed on the front page Maps area? No? How much more business do you think your competitors are getting from being there? A ton.

We have the skills to rank our clients in the Top 3 Google Map results, throughout the Omaha metro & beyond for valuable search terms.

We use the most current Google-approved / white-hat techniques, ensuring your business achieves a high-ranking without the risk of penalty.

Ready for a different marketing experience? Let's do this.