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Welcome to Buzz Marketing

At Buzz Marketing, we focus on driving small businesses large volumes of customers – often overnight.

Our precision-targeted campaigns are extremely effective, and cost efficient.

Based in Omaha, NE, we offer our services to local small businesses, as well as select clients from other cities.

We bring a unique approach to the digital marketing space, by insisting to be judged by our results – not our claims or case-studies. In fact, we offer a money-back-guarantee for all services.

Read more below, and contact us today to learn how quickly we can propel your business to new levels!

How We Can Help

Local Lead Generation

Get a back-up battery, because our local lead gen services will drain your phone .. often overnight.

Using targeted demographics from Facebook, we market your business to your customer avatar, finding ONLY those interested in your products or services .. RIGHT NOW.

Google Maps / SEO

We quickly rank our clients in the Top 3 Google Local Map results throughout metro areas, focusing on the most valuable search terms for each business. We use the most current Google-approved / white-hat techniques, ensuring high-rankings without risk of penalty.


Buzz can make your website mobile-friendly, overnight. Google penalizes non-mobile-friendly sites, costing businesses significant traffic.

Our website conversion service is quick, elegant, and cost-efficient.

YouTube Rankings

Buzz understands the best tactics to highly rank in YouTube for the most valuable terms. We also have the skills to build effective client videos, with ‘Calls-To-Action’ that convert into leads.. quickly.

Catch The BUZZ

Built For You

We don’t believe in spandex marketing at BMI. We custom tailor each campaign for every client. There is no one-size-fits-all around here.

The result is … RESULTS. Or else. You get your money back.

ROI Drive

We are driven by YOUR ROI. Who wants to hire someone that puts their hand out, before giving a hand-up?

BMI believes in leading with results. We’re looking for life-long clients & friends. And we’re smart enough to realize that won’t happen without putting more money in your pocket, than you put in ours.

Friendly Service

First and foremost, we’re friendly! We keep the geek-speak to a minimum, and stay easy to reach. We’re all about helping local businesses and improving our community with what we do best – jam doors with more foot traffic.

Service Guarantee

BMI is unique in the digital marketing space. We don’t believe in asking for business, we believe in earning it.

Here’s the BMI guarantee. During any marketing campaign, if we send you anything less than a 200% return – we will return your money. In other words, you give us $1 and we’ll help turn that into $2. If not, we work for free. All day, every day. Sound fair?

What We Do BEST

Quite simply, we send our clients more customers than imaginable. With an amazing ROI. Guaranteed.

We’re so good, the typical ROI ranges from 200 – 400%.

Hard to believe? Understandable. Most agencies can’t come close to these returns. And definitely not consistently. And certainly not on the FIRST campaign. And absolutely NO WAY a money-back guarantee.

We’re so confident, we’ll gladly return your money if the ROI from our work is 199% or lower.

How, the, heck .. is that possible? Easy. We do everything possibly possible to turn your $1 bills into $2’s. And if that doesn’t happen, we don’t deserve your money.

Because when our clients make money, we make money. Sounds harmonious, doesn’t it.

Now do we have your attention?

PS – Because we’re a little different … you know, a straight-forward company, that DOES NOTHING but provide results + a money-back guarantee – we’re what’s called a “no-brainer” to work with. Which means we can’t work with everyone, even if you’re someone. But we’d love to hear from you .. so drop us a line so we can decide if we’re a good fit for each other.. and get ready to GET BUSY.

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Buzz Marketing is based in Omaha, NE. We’re local digital marketing experts, focusing on building sickly successful Facebook campaigns, driving DROVES of leads to local businesses.

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